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Chamkila Lyrics by Ninja

Ho pehla tali utte naagni da zarda,
Ho fer chitt mera uddu uddu karda…X2
Ho bullan vich laa laine aa
Peg Paa ke chamkilla billo laa ke
Ni uchi-uchi gaa laine aa…X2

Ho fer chardi ae surga di laur ni
Naale aunde ne khyal hour-hour ni…X2
Te mann samjha laine aa
Peg Paa ke chamkilla billo laa ke
Ni uchi-uchi gaa laine AA…X2

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Sab apne laggan na koi gair ni
Ese khushi ‘ch lga laid a fire ni…X2
Bai adhe nu mna laine aa
Ho Peg Paa ke chamkila billo laa ke
Ni uchi-uchi gaa laine aa…X2

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