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Gunahgaar Lyrics by Raj Brar | Gunahgar | Gunaahgar | Chhadti Sharab

Main v avalla, Mere kam v avalle ne
Kinna maada kitta, Thoude naal iss jhalle ne…X2

Maa peyo bhai bhain, Maa peyo bhai bhain
Sabb yaaran to saraape ne
Aa lao putt chhadti
Sharab thode paappe ne, Aa lao putt chhadti
Sharab thodde paappe ne

Ae taan bayi maade change, Samay da sawaal hai…X2
Kon methon door hai, Te kon mere naal hai…X2

Main tan madhoshi, Main tan madhoshi wich
Nede ho ho naappe ne
Aa lao putt chhadti, Sharab thodde pappe ne
Aa lao putt chhadti
Sharab thode bhappe ne
Sharab thode bhappe ne

Badda wada jehda
Raaj kitta sach kehan da…X2
Vadh ditta faha aish chandri chhodain da..(2x)
Kakkhan vich rolta si, Kakkhan sang rolta c, Nit de seyappe ne

Aa lao putt chhadti, Sharab thode bhappe ne…X6

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