Haan Lyrics – Manpreet Sandhu

Haan Lyrics by Manpreet Sandhu

Koi kudi sade vall je takk je, Thodha jeya bhulliyan vich hass de
Kade puchhiye salah na jhalli di
Appan haan hi mann ke challi di…
Appan haan hi mann ke challi di…

Aap de diye jhatt hi number, Kade dekheya na ohde andar
Rakh layi di meeting kalli di
Aappan haan hi mann ke challi di

Sochan da na time ki dena, Meri ae tu meri kehna
Na aakad kisse di jhalli di
Appan haan hi man ke challi di…X2

Sandhu ne ta att karati, Mansa waale ne ginti la ti
Preet ne ta jama att karati, Mansa wale ne ginti la ti
Na kisse di raah malli di
Appan haan hi mann ke chali di…X2

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