Lost Lyrics Prophe C

Lost Lyrics Prophe C

Song Name: -Lost
Artist: -The Prophec
Music Given by: -The PropheC
Lyrics Penned by: -The PropheC

PropheC Lost Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, Tere bin main tanha, Labh da main raahan nu
Hikk naal laawan main, Teriyan baaha’n nu
Dhad ke dil mera, Tere hi saaha’n nu, Dhadke dil mera
Pyaass’a mera dil, Ghut pyar da pilade, (pilade, pilade)

Hosh udd jaane mere, Nasha ida’n da chadha de
Chadha de, chada de
Jadon peevan haadha main, Bhar janda dil
Hanju akhiyan cho’n aunge jad, Chete karu dil

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Kadar ni pai mere pyaar di dildaar di, Jehra marda c tere pichhe yaar di
Beete jo pal tere naal ni, Saare lagde bekaar meri jaan
Puchheya ni haal tutte yaar da, Mere pyar da jo dukh hai sahaar da
Jo gum wich roleya sab kholeya tu meri jaan
Daaru hun hi sahara, Sohna yaar pyaara,

Gum kara sari saanjh, Pyar kara na dubara,

Jadon peewa’n haadha main, Bharr janda dil
Hanzu akhiyan cho’n aunge jad, Chette karu dil

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