Ni jehra tere vich bolda song lyrics-Sukhshinder shinda|Jazzy B

Jehra tere vich bolda is a latest song sung by sukhshinder shinda and jazzy B from album collaborations 3, this song is a reply to Gunday no.1 song.
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Hawa vich ho na savar naddiye
Ho edda bhi nai velly tera yaar naddiye…X2
jehra lai ke pastoli jehi ghumda..
Ke jatt onu fire tollda…X2
Tere sahmne thokk jana ni jehra tere vich bolda…

Ho Mitran da raah billo sher bhi nai katt.
Ik vaari bus ohnu naa sada dasde…X2
Jehre bohtiya karan badmashiyan mai din ch 50 rollda…
Tere sahmne thokk ke jana ni jehra tere vich bolda…X2

Ho aiven ni begane zor utte bohta machhi da
Kise de ishareya utte ena bhi ni nachi da ni ena bhi nai nachi da…X2
Kadd deya ge bhulekha saara usda ho jehra saanu oona tollda…
Tere sahmne thokk jana ni jehra tere vich bolda…X2

Haddo vadh asi kade jhalli na vangar ni
Kehde ohnu jave na aukat vicho bahar ni aukat vicho bahar ni
Ho bda rakh da bulland sada honsla te ball na vechalle doll da..
Tere sahmne thokk ke jaana ni jehra tere vich bolda..
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