Tappe by Lakhwinder Wadali Lyrics|Lines

Tappe is a punjabi cultural song sung by lakhwinder wadali.

Koi katt diyaan roonh mahiya
Hayee, Koi katt diyaa roonh mahiya.
Hayeeyee Koi katt diyaa roonh mahiya
Ik changa tu lagda,ik changa tu lagda
Sanu duja bhi toon mahiya..
Hayee, Sanu duja bhi toon mahiya
Hooohoo, Sanu duja bhi toon mahiya

Koi pakha hawa denda.
Hayee, Koi pakha hawa denda
Hoohoo, Koi pakha hawa denda
Nek naseeb hovan
Change sajan khuda denda..
Hayee, Change sajan khuda denda
Hoohoo, Change sajan khuda denda

Pani vich jonkaan ne
Haye, Pani vich jonkaan ne
Hayeyee, Pani vich jonkaan ne
Jihna pishe tu firda, Sadi jutti diya nokka ne…
Hayee, Sadi jutti diya nokka ne
Hoohoo, Sadi jutti diya nokka ne

Pani vich phul tarda
Hayee, Pani vich phul tarda
Hayeeyee, Pani vich phul tarda
Saambh-saambh tenu rakhiye
Sada eho e dil karda
Hayee, Sada eho e dil karda
Hoohoo, Sada eho e dil karda
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