Diljaniya Lyrics – Amrinder Gill – Karamjit Anmol

Diljaniya Lyrics Munde Kamaal De Movie / Amrinder Gill

Song Name: – Diljaniya
Lyrics: – Kuldeep Kandiara
Movie: – Munde Kamaal De 2015
Singer: – Karamjit Anmol / Amrinder Gill
Music: – Jaison Thind
Featuring: – Amrinder Gill, Mandy Takhar

Diljaniya Lyrics by Karamjit Anmol and Amrinder Gill
Mera yaar tu, mera pyaar tu, mere naal tu, har haal tu…x2
Diljaniya, ve rooh janiya
Tere bina zindagi da arth koi na
Kasam khaaniyan, dil janiyan, ve rooh janiyan
Dil janiya, ve rooh janiyan

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Rom-rom mera tasveer teri ho geya
Jigar mera sohneya, jaageer teri ho geya

O rom-rom mera tasveer teri ho geya
Jigar mera sohneya, jaageer teri ho geya

Tu hi tu, tu hi tu merhma, har dam gaaniyan

Diljaniyan, ve rooh jaaniyan
O diljaniya, ve rooh janiyan

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