Next Refix Lyrics – PropheC / Fateh Doe

Next Refix Lyrics PropheC / Fateh

Song: – Next Refix
Lyrics: – The PropheC and Fateh Doe
Singer: – PropheC / Fateh Doe
Music Labeled by: – The PropheC
Album: – The Lifestyle
Starring: – The Prophec, Fateh Doe

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Jo cheeze mudke ni honi roya na tu kar
Dil keemati mera tu kich khoya na tu kar

Maithon seh ni hunda jad kardi ae phone
Mainu pyar mangdi ae fir chadd di alone
Mainu das kinvein katta hun raatan

Husna di rani hun dindi ae sonh mainu har vele lagge
Kudi lag pyi ae chaun mainu kardi ae hun mithiya eh baatan

Har mulaqat baad, muk jandi baatein
Muk jandi jad raatein, muk jaanda sada saath

Taiyo kita jhootha pyar tun, kitte jhuta ikraar tun
Taiyon kita jhoota pyar tun, kitta jhuta ikraar tu, mere naal

Rap verse

A couple years gone, we ain’t talking so long
Other things change, now the boys so own
Wonder how you feel when they play my songs
Remember how i felt when you did me wrong

Hope you being good; hope you ain’t wasting your time getting high
Sitting back in the hood, hope he’s been good
Hope the other guy you with, didn’t do like you thought i would
Like you thought I would, like you thought i would

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Mainu kinna tarsaya hun teri vari aayi aa
Tainu kita main text, aur ka pachtaya
Rehgi wich doori, saddi reh gi gal adhuri
Mainu tu kita reply, hun karni ae poori
Hun karni ae poori, hun karni ae poori

Now staying at the sheraton by the surrey
You know that i’m busy, you here in a hurry
Would you have came if i didn’t have a name

Dollar shohrat aakhan main fame
If you say we both know you lying
But you don’t say shit, coz tomorrow i’m flying

Labh lena tu koi hor, main ban jaana tera kal

Taiyo kitta jhutha pyaar tun, kitte jhuta ikraar tu
Taiyo kitta jhuta pyaar tun, kitte jhuta ikraar tu, mere naal

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