Painkiller full song Lyrics with Rap by Miss Pooja feat. Fateh.

Here is a lyrics of full song painkiller by miss pooja and rap by Fateh,
Song : – Painkiller
Lyrics by : – Karamjit
Singer : – Miss Pooja feat: Fateh
Music : – Dr. Zeus

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Munda pain killer warga, sare dard wanda lenda…
Munda painkiller varga, sare dard wanda lenda.
Luk-luk ke rondhi nu, luk ke rondhi nu, Jhatt seene la lenda
Munda pain killer varga, sare dard wanda lenda

Fateh Rap Verse
Tera dukh mera vairy, Mere varga hor kon?
Kisse kolo naio darda sivaye daddy
Miss pooja nal gaana, hor khwaish
Duniya di sir dard, forget it
Dar tu chhad de billo tu kr tu menu call
Aaja mere kol main tera canada
Jehra tenu tang kare
I’ll catch them all…
Tell me what you got,
I wanna love you baby, you already know…
Sare rappers nu dinna mai pain
Best music producer da ikho hi name “Dr Zeus”

Miss Pooja verse
Jad mai ho java gusse
Oh rahe manaunda menu
By god sohniye ni, Kehnda true love karda tainu
Kinjh russa ode naal…
Mainu aan mna lenda
Munda pain killer warga
Sare dard wanda lenda

Ode te mere love di, Badhi ajab kahaani ae
Oh hero hai mera, Meri rooh da haani ae
Main hova sad jadon, main hova sad jadon
Oh jhatt hassa lenda, Munda pain killer warga
Sare dard wanda lenda
Fateh rap verse
Main Pain killer warga, sare dard mai laa dau ga
Billo ye to chahundi ae, bina laces banne aa jau ga
Yaara da Charcha jithe bhi push lai
Kari na gussa te mere naal russ na, Nakhre chhad de asi tere te marde, main tera baki disprin labhde
Put your sunshine up, i’ll be go hard on everyday of some
I’m your remedy can’t do wrong,
Jyada na layi because i’m too much strong..
Miss Pooja verse
Main pariya toh sohni
Naale madhak batheri ae
Par mere sohne layi
Jind haazar meri ae
Ni karamjit dora ishqe diya paa lenda
Munda pain killer warga, sare dard wanda lenda…X2

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