Tareekan Lyrics Harjit Harman

Tareekan Lyrics Harjit Harman

Song Name: – Tareekan
Artist: – Harjit Harman
Lyrics Penned by: – Pargat Singh
Music Given by: – Atul Sharma
Music Labeled by: – Amar Audio

Harjit Harman Tareekan Lyrics

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Hun lagiyan ne chadhiyan ve sajjna saun diyan, Hunn lagiyan ne chadhiyan ve sajna saun diyan
Assi dill te paayian tareekan ve tere aun diya, Assi dil te payian tareekan ve tere aaun diya

Saun mahine main kothe te chadh baithi, Akh lishakde badlan de naal ladh baithey (Repear 2 times)
Ae rootan ne ishqe noor shanaun diyan,
Asi dil te paayian tareekan ve tere aaun diyan (Repeat 2 Times)

Injh lagda ae jivein navin bharbhat hoyi, Maruthal de vich jivein barsaat hoyi (Repear 2 times)
Pargat hoyian reejhan ve pyas bujhaun diya
Asi dil te paayian tareekan ve tere aaun diyan (Repeat 2 Times)

Vich hawa de mahk teri menu aundi ae, Main kalli ni gaundi kudrat gaundi ae (Repear 2 times)
Chhed suran koi geet pyaar de gaun diyan,
Asi dil te paayian tareekan ve tere aaun diyan (Repeat 4 Times)

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