What is illuminati, its famous Hollywood / Bollywood members.


What is illuminati?

Illuminati is a secret society which was founded on 1 May 1776 in Bavaria (today in Germany). Many famous personalities over the world are believed to be the part of this group. including top Hollywood personalities, politicians, singers, business tycoons etc.

It is believed that it is a society which recruits famous personalities to work for the Devil. Devil gives fame, money and everything a person needs and in return it takes your soul. it is a kind of trade in which you hand over yourself to devil and commit to work for him forever even after your death.

What are the famous Personalities working for Illuminati?

As mentioned above many Hollywood personalities, politicians, singers etc are said to be the part of illuminati, which are as follows

Beyonce & Jay Z: –

Beyonce is believed to be the part of this group as she always shows devil’s symbol in her performances. her husband Jay-Z can also be seen showing illuminati symbols in public appearances.

Barack Obama & Donald Trump : –

obama illuminati

Former Presidents of United States of America are also in this list. they are strongly believed to be the part of secret society.

Madona : –

madona illuminati

English Singer madona released a song in 2014 called ” Illuminati”. which is a very obvious proof of her being working for devil.

Rihanna : –

rihana illuminati

A Super Star who doesn’t need any introduction. Rihanna is also believed to be a part of devil’s Group. she flaunts symbols in so many public appearances and in concerts.

Lil Wayne: –

lil wayne illuminati

The most prominent of member of illuminati Group is Lil wayne. who sung many songs for the devil and he shows its signs much proudly. As per some sources Lil wayne once said “Sell My soul to the Devil, Made a Profit”.

Honey Singh: –

honey singh illuminati

Indian Rapper Honey Singh is also believed to be the part of secret society illuminati. Honey Singh always promotes illuminati by showing its symbols.

Saif Ali Khan: –

illuminati films

Bollywood Superstar Saif Ali Khan is also believed to be a part of this Group. you might be thinking how it can be true?. but we have the answer Saif Ali Khan founded a production company called ” illuminati Films“. which is the very obvious to prove his membership in devil’s society.

So, that was all about illuminati and its members. if you have any doubt or want to know how to join illuminati or share something or please do comment in below comment section.

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