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Hrithik roshan is an Indian cinema actor & one of the most attractive male celeb. Hrithik has won 6 film fare awards and considered as finest actor with awesome body structure. Especially in movie “Bang Bang” Hrithik has build ultimate body and becomes the idol of many Youngsters. In this article we have collect hrithik’s diet plan and gym schedule which helps you to build muscles like him.

Hrithik Roshan Height, weight, measurements, body statistics, Biceps size, age & More: –

hrithik body

Height6 feet
Weight70-77 kg
Nick NameDuggu
Chest45 inch
Waist28 inch
Biceps18 inches
Age40 Years


Hrithik’s Diet Plan and Secrets

Breakfast: –

Hrithik drinks only Chocolate milk shake and hates other milk products and milk too, Hrithik’s breakfast contains 4 eggs, two brown breads with honey and jam & at last a glass of protein shake, Hrithik drink lots of water, 1 glass of water after each hour.

Lunch: –

Hrithik avoid oily and fatty food & only eat food that full of proteins and fiber, he like salad in his lunch and takes it every day, hrithik’s lunch contains 2-3 Atta roti, green vegetables, beans, Boiled chicken and fruit juice.

Dinner: –

Normally hrithik’s dinner contains 4-5 eggs, chicken, salad, and roti (Chapatti). Hrithik also like Spanish & Chinese food, in interview hrithik says “I love Spanish and Chinese food and I make best eggs in the world, but I can’t give you my recipes”.

Special tips

Water is very precious for health, so drink at least 8-9 glasses per day. Avoid alcoholic drinks, don’t drink too much, only exercise is not enough to build muscles it’s 90 per cent of your diet. So, be careful about your diet. Do swimming if you can, it’s good for building lean body structure. Do as much crunches as you can, about 200-500. Do lots of cardio about 2 times a day, after breakfast is very useful and running is also very good for health.

Hrithik Roshan’s Gym routine

Hrithik guides under his instructor “Kris Gethin” whom he meets at a bodybuilding contest at Mumbai. So, below is a gym schedule of Bollywood’s handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan.


Back + Chest + calves

1.Dumbbell bench press3 Sets of 7-8 reps
2.Cable pull Down3 Sets of 6-7 reps
3.Incline Dumbbell fly3 Sets of 10 reps
4.Kettle bell Calf Raise ( Standing)3 Sets of 20-25 reps
5.Kettle bell Calf Raise (Sitting)3 Sets of 20-25 reps
6.Barbell Bench Press3 sets of 6-10 reps
7.Cable Crossover3 sets of 10 reps


Leg or Lower Body

1.Bodyweight Squat3 Sets of 6-10 reps
2.Barbell Squat3 Sets of 6-10 reps
3.Dumbbell Calf Raise3 Sets of 6-10 reps
4.Leg Press3 Sets of 8-10 reps
5.Barbell Calf Raise3 Sets of 10-12 reps
6.Cable Deadlift3 Sets of 6-10 reps
7.Hack Squat3 Sets of 6-10 reps
8.Cable Hip extension3 Sets of 6-10 reps



Shoulders + Abs

1.Bodyweight crunch3 Sets of Maximum reps in 1 Minute
2.Bodyweight crunch (Bicycle)3 Sets of Maximum reps in 1 Minute
3.Bodyweight Heel Touch3 Sets of Maximum reps in 1 Minute
4.Bodyweight Leg Raise3 Sets of Maximum reps in 1 Minute
5.Barbell Situp (Flat bench)3 Sets of Maximum reps in 1 Minute
6.Barbell Shoulder Press3 Sets of 6-10 reps
7.Cable Raise (Front)3 Sets of 6-10 reps
8.Dumbbell Raise (Front)3 Sets of 6-10 reps
9.Dumbbell Fly3 Sets of 6-10 reps




1.Dumbbell triceps extension (Standing)3 Sets of 6-10 reps
2.Cable Biceps Curl3 Sets of 6-10 reps
3.Cable Pushdown3 Sets of 6-10 reps
4.Dumbbell Biceps Curl3 Sets of 6-10 reps
5.Curl Bar Biceps Curl3 Sets of 6-10 reps
6.Cable Triceps Extension3 Sets of 6-10 reps
7.Cable Wrist Curl3 Sets of 10-15 reps
8.Cable Biceps Curl3 Sets of 10-12 reps

Rest Days: – Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

We tried our best to gives you best and accurate information but if you have found any mistake or have any doubt then please let us know.

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